Chest Emergency Reanimation Device

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*This device can save a life

The first italian medical device that assists in cardiac massage practice.

International patent.

Indispensable aid for proper resuscitation in complete safety.

Unique innovation to protect patients and rescuers.

A professional solution whose patent combines: 

Non-Newtonian materials capable of dissipating the impact energy of too violent chest compressions.

A special three-layer internal structure that reduces dangerous stresses produced by incorrect application of force and redistributes excessive forces over the entire area of the device.

Sophisticated algorithms ensure a luminous electronic feedback system able to communicate proper execution of the massage in accordance with the international guidelines.

A single-us protective sheath guarantees absolute hygiene and prevents the risk of infections.

Designed to
reduce the incidence of internal injuries, Chest-eR is a protective device for chest compressions conceived to improve the quality of cardiac massage in full safety.

It is an intuitive and easy-to-use medical device and is small, compact and lightweight, and can be used with simple 1.5V batteries.

Who it is aimed at:


Hospital staff

Common persons



How it works

Place Chest-eR on the chest of the patient (as shown in the figure), press on the pad and the device will automatically turn on.

A luminous indicator will show the pressure and compression rate applied for the cardiac massage; a green light indicates that they are correct and a red light that they are incorrect.

If the rescuer continues applying force also in the release phase of the massage preventing the chest from returning to its original position, both the red lights (at the top and bottom of the scale on the device) come on to warn the rescuer to release the pressure.

Once the cardiac massage has been completed, the device will automatically turn off after 30 seconds of not using it.

Why use

Correct cardiac massage compression rate and pressure thanks to the scale with luminous indicator

The European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines recommend a compression depth of 50-60 mm (to stimulate blood flow to the brain) while the cardiac massage should be administered at a rate between 100 and 120 compressions a minute.

Chest-eR helps observe these guidelines thanks to the scale with luminous indicator which informs the rescuer on the correct pressure and compression rate applied for the massage.
Reduction of internal injuries and traumas

In order to reduce the probability of internal injuries and traumas of the patient to be resuscitated, Chest-eR uses the technology of cellular elastomeric materials with non-Newtonian characteristics. When subjected to application of an impulsive force, the soft surface of the device is transformed by rearranging the molecules of which it is composed, immediately stiffening it and creating a shield capable of dissipating the force of the impact absorbing up to 90% of the energy thus ensuring maximum effectiveness of the cardiac massage.

Homogeneous force distribution:

The rigid middle layer of the device allows more homogeneously distributing the forces in the lower sternum area and, by means of the combined action of the covering capable of adapting to the shape of the chest, prevents excessive stresses concentrated on any protruding bone structures. The special triple-layer structure also reduces – by means of device deformation – transmission to the chest of undesired forces in parallel direction to the chest and protects the rescuer’s hands from injury.

Chest-emergency system an idea from:

Ivan Mangone

Mr. Ivan Mangone is a first aid rescuer and trainer, as well as current general manager of Progetti Medical srl, a 100% Italian company that for over 25 years has been numbered among the world leaders in the production of defibrillators and equipment for the diagnosis of heart diseases.

Maurizio Santomauro

MD. Maurizio Santomauro is a cardiologist at the University of Naples and national president of the GIEC (Cardiology emergency intervention group), an association engaged in the study and spreading of information on the prevention and management of cardiological emergencies.

Eugenio Fossat

Eng. Eugenio Fossat has been dealing with new materials research for over 5 years and today is the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Composite Research Srl (Co.Re. – R&D company in the field of new materials) for which he already has patented MadFlex, a carbon composite panel, rigid on one side, rolled up on the other.

Nicola Giulietti

Eng. Nicola Giulietti enumerates a Master in energy engineering and a degree in environmental engineering He is also another founder and associate worker and PM of Co.Re, for which he deals with research and development on composite materials, prototyping, tests and design, but also to manage the development of new products with partner companies.




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